The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dec to April

Aug to Dec pics

Here are a few pics from the last 8 months....

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know.....

Ok... I know I always say it.... I need to blog more.... It really is hard to do when you have a 2.5 year old running around, cleaning to do, Laundry...... LIFE.... Over the last 8 months, life has been good... If you are on fb, you already know just about everything going on in our crazy lives..... We are loving our home in Clearfield. We have been here for a year *shocking I know!* We are really happy that over the past year, our families (Larkin and Hays) we have been able to welcome 5 new nephews!!!! We love them all but I really do have to say that we are the most grateful for the NEWEST nephew, little Collin Reid Larkin was born to Danny and Cassie!!! After all the heartache and pain that they have had to go through, they FINALLY were able to welcome a son on April 6th at 2:53AM. *I am so happy for them that I am sitting here sobbing as I write this* It breaks my heart knowing how much pain that they had to deal with. But thankfully after all that pain they have another perfect angel!!!!!!!! Another wonderful blessing in our family, is that Clay Roran and I are excited to announce that we are expecting!! I am due Mid December. I am 5 weeks and 3 days along! I have not even been to the dr yet but I am so excited that I have to share the news.... I have been aching for another little one for over a year now and so I am very very excited! In other news.... Roran like I said is 2.5 years old and is growing so fast in so many ways that I can hardly keep up. He is so funny! He is talking a lot and says the funniest things. A few days ago, he started saying "NO! NEVER!" When we ask him to do something. The look on his face when he says it is so funny that I just crack up every time he does it. *he gives me his cute little grin and ends up doing what we ask* He also makes some awesome facial expressions! He will look at me, raise his eyebrows, opens his eyes really wide and I really can't explain it... but it is HILARIOUS!!! I will TRY to get a pic of him doing it... He usually will only do it for me too... Another funny *yet slightly annoying* thing he does is, in the mornings that Clay is gone before Roran wakes up, he will come in the bedroom, get on the bed, crawl over to me and will say "mommy mommy mommy" and if I don't open my eyes, he will tap on my forehead until I do..... So funny! This morning he got up on the bed and started saying "pst pst" trying to wake me up without waking up Clay... Right now he is trying to put my sandals on my feet so I will go outside to get a car the tossed over the porch *something he KNOWS he is not supposed to do* so he keeps saying "Feet mommy Feet" .... He is not to happy with me that I am not cooperating.... Ok, I am giving in cuz it is to cute... Not gonna go out in the cold wet grass but I let him put my sandals on my feet lol. Well it looks like Roran is not going to let me sit here any longer so I will have to end this post and add pics later. TA TA