The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some new pics of Mr Man AKA RORAN

Crazy life!

Life is so crazy but wonderful! We moved into a two bedroom apartment here in Cali, so now Roran gets his own room! We have a 4 month old Pitbull who is such a snuggle bug! Roran is doing VERY well, he is crawling all over the place and gets into EVERYTHING! Clay and I have to check to see what he is playing with every 30 seconds lol. He is such a fun little guy! With all the craziness I had to put all wedding planning on hold and now I am trying to catch up! I only have about 7 weeks to get it all done! CRAZY!!!!!!
Clay is doing well, he is selling about 2 systems a week..... We need to bump that up to 2 a day though lol :o)
Sry this is so short, like the title says.... Crazy life! I'll try my best to do better!
Love you all!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear blog

Dear blog, I'll try my hardest to find time to really update you on life in Cali soon!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sick baby :o(

Today started out pretty rough, Roran was very VERY fussy and kept waking up. He woke up around 3 or 4 and wouldn't go back to sleep. He wouldn't even eat! (He is a little piggy) I was so tired that I was getting really frustrated and finally said screw this and walked out of the room and slept in a sound proof theater room (we had been staying at Clay's mothers house) and made Clay take care of Roran. I was able to sleep from 7 to 10:30. It was very nice. Clay's mom was heading home today from Cali so I needed to get the house cleaned up. Clay had to watch Roran cuz he was still pretty fussy. Once he fell asleep Clay helped clean things up. Before we left Roran was still sleeping and he looked like he didn't feel very good. Once we got home he felt like he was on fire and would cry anytime we would lay him down. We took his temp and it was 103! We tried another thermometer and it was still 103. We then stripped him down and Clay took him outside to try to cool him down then took his temp again. Still 103 so I called the Dr and we were able to be seen right away. We Went in and they took his temp and it had gone down to 101. The Dr came in and took a look at said everything looked fine until he looked in Rorans throat. His throat and tonsils were red and swollen :o( They did a strep test and it came back negative. SO Roran has a virus. His little nose is stuffy, his throat hurts, and he is really fussy. This is the FIRST time he as ever been sick and he is only 7 months. :o( I feel so bad for him. I want to help him feel better and not hurt. Atleast he is sleeping now.......

Monday, March 29, 2010

Holiday pics!

So much for blogging once a week

Man, I set a goal and cant even make it 1 week..... Ah, the life of a busy mother.
The last few weeks have been fun, stressful, and crazy. Clay had spring break 2 weeks ago and it was good to see more of him.
I have been taking pics of Roran for each Holiday and I took his St Patricks day pics on the 17th and they turned out pretty cute. I'll post the pics we have chosen as our faves.
Roran had his 6 month check up on the 18th and we were told that he was 16lbs 9oz and 27 inches long!!! My baby has grown so much! When he was born he was 7.1 lbs but dropped to 6.9 by the next day and was 19.5 inches long!!! So he has but on 10 lbs and grew 7.5 inches in 6 months!
He started sitting on his own for about 5 min at a time last week! Its so fun to watch him sit there and try to reach for toys that are JUST out of reach! I can see the wheels turning on how to get to that toy. He loves his soft numbers book, his truck from gma Rene, and his light up ball. He also discovered a monkey that my Gpa Thomas gave to me. I have had for almost 20 years!!!!!! He grabbed it one day during nap time and fell asleep holding it in his arms! It was so sweet!!!
On the 24th Dan Garber (Clay's step day) stopped by to bring us some things from the lights and we were talking about the wedding and I mentioned that we still have not been able to lock down a location for the wedding and I told him I was REALLY hoping we could have the wedding up in P.C. at Clay's uncle Ricks home and he said he would give him a call and ask..... The next day Dan sent a text saying that Rick gave us the "thumbs up" and that Clay just needs to give him a call.... Needless to say... I was TOTALLY GIDDY!!!! I am SO excited about this.... I have even had several dreams about having the wedding there! It is going to be SO beautiful!!!!
Sat 3/27 we all went to a baby shower for Clay's cousin McKenna and we had a lot of fun! We were able to see Aunt Clare, McKenna and Celia. It was so nice to see them. It has been way to long!
Sun 3/28 was Clay's mothers birthday and we all told her we couldn't come see her and so she was bummed because no one could come over on her birthday..... Little did she know that we were all going to be standing on her front porch at 6pm for a BBQ! It was so fun to see the grin on her face when she saw everyone.
Today Clay had class then was able to get his Taxes finished and sent off, he contacted a guy about helping take down lights and I was able to get MOST of the laundry done and get our room cleaned and packed... Its been a pretty productive day. :oD

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We're moving!

Well it is official, We're moving to Cali for the Summer May 1st! (right after Zac and Amy get hitched) :o) This means I have LESS than 50 days to get this place packed and cleaned! EEK!
We will be living in Costa Mesa until about a week before our wedding. I'm excited about the summer however I just found out that they only have community laundry... NOT HAPPY I HATE having to GO somewhere to do laundry and having to wait on others..... I like to do it when I have time and I don't like to have to drag clothes back and forth..... Last time I had to do that someone actually stole clothes and ruined other clothes..... ARG! ANYWAY, other than that.... They have dishwashers!!!!!!!!!! *sings Hallelujah chorus* FINALLY A DISHWASHER!!!!! I looked at the pics of the apartment complex and they look pretty nice, they have a pool and a hot tub, and a really big play area which will be good since we will have several little ones there :o) Garrin will have the most fun since he is the only one CURRENTLY running around. :D Garrin is a cute lil guy, he is the son of my niece Jessica. In Cali we will have, at least 14 of my family members!!! It will be awesome!!!! AND I HOPE that one of my childhood friends can come. She and her hubby need some work and it would be so good to see her again!!!

I really need to do better at updating this more often, so my GOAL is to write a new post each week..... (lets see how long that lasts lol)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Larkin 3

I guess I should probably introduce who the Larkin 3 are.

We shall start with the cutest and youngest of the bunch, RORAN. Roran is our 5 month old ANGEL with BEAUTIFUL eyes! He is a sweet and loving baby who loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. He likes music, movies, and computers. (anything that lights up and makes noise) He enjoys; watching mommy dance around the apartment like a total nutball, listening to mommy sing songs, and FOOD! He is currently, licking my arm, watching daddy play Dungeons and Dragons Online and mommy creating this blog.

Next we have the most handsome man in the world, CLAY.
Clay is a WONDERFUL man whom I love very very much! He is a wonderful daddy and a loving fiance! He is 28 years old and is a full time student at UVU. (SIDE NOTE, RORAN IS STILL LICKING MY ARM and looking up at me with a look that says "mommy, I'm gonna keep licking you till you feed me") Clay not only goes to school but he is working on taking lights down from Christmas. (He and his brothers and father own a Christmas light installation business) He is the oldest of 5 boys and comes from an AMAZING family! They have welcomed me in with open arms and that means the world to me seeing as I have very little family in UT.
And last but not least, KELLY (me)
I'm 27 yeas old and a full time mommy :o) I get to enjoy spending time with Roran here at home. I come from a family of around 15 that includes the family I was raised with (I was adopted), plus 2 half siblings, and 4 step siblings.

So I'm not a big blogger but I'm gonna give this a try (again)
Life is CRAZY with a 5 month old and a fiance in school! I'm trying to figure out how to keep this place clean but I'm loosing the battle!! Besides cleaning and keeping a 5 month old entertained, I'm trying to plan our wedding!!! :oD Clay proposed to me on Christmas morning and it was TOTALLY unexpected!!!! Needless to say, I cried!

We are planning the wedding for Sat, August 21st 2010. We chose August because that is the month we met and its when we will be heading home from Cali where we will be selling security systems this summer. Well, time to finish this post seeing as it is nearly midnight and we have to get up early cuz Clay has class at 10 and I'll be tending my nieces 14 month old son along with Roran :o)
More to come in the life of the Larkin 3