The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Monday, March 29, 2010

So much for blogging once a week

Man, I set a goal and cant even make it 1 week..... Ah, the life of a busy mother.
The last few weeks have been fun, stressful, and crazy. Clay had spring break 2 weeks ago and it was good to see more of him.
I have been taking pics of Roran for each Holiday and I took his St Patricks day pics on the 17th and they turned out pretty cute. I'll post the pics we have chosen as our faves.
Roran had his 6 month check up on the 18th and we were told that he was 16lbs 9oz and 27 inches long!!! My baby has grown so much! When he was born he was 7.1 lbs but dropped to 6.9 by the next day and was 19.5 inches long!!! So he has but on 10 lbs and grew 7.5 inches in 6 months!
He started sitting on his own for about 5 min at a time last week! Its so fun to watch him sit there and try to reach for toys that are JUST out of reach! I can see the wheels turning on how to get to that toy. He loves his soft numbers book, his truck from gma Rene, and his light up ball. He also discovered a monkey that my Gpa Thomas gave to me. I have had for almost 20 years!!!!!! He grabbed it one day during nap time and fell asleep holding it in his arms! It was so sweet!!!
On the 24th Dan Garber (Clay's step day) stopped by to bring us some things from the lights and we were talking about the wedding and I mentioned that we still have not been able to lock down a location for the wedding and I told him I was REALLY hoping we could have the wedding up in P.C. at Clay's uncle Ricks home and he said he would give him a call and ask..... The next day Dan sent a text saying that Rick gave us the "thumbs up" and that Clay just needs to give him a call.... Needless to say... I was TOTALLY GIDDY!!!! I am SO excited about this.... I have even had several dreams about having the wedding there! It is going to be SO beautiful!!!!
Sat 3/27 we all went to a baby shower for Clay's cousin McKenna and we had a lot of fun! We were able to see Aunt Clare, McKenna and Celia. It was so nice to see them. It has been way to long!
Sun 3/28 was Clay's mothers birthday and we all told her we couldn't come see her and so she was bummed because no one could come over on her birthday..... Little did she know that we were all going to be standing on her front porch at 6pm for a BBQ! It was so fun to see the grin on her face when she saw everyone.
Today Clay had class then was able to get his Taxes finished and sent off, he contacted a guy about helping take down lights and I was able to get MOST of the laundry done and get our room cleaned and packed... Its been a pretty productive day. :oD

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