The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wonderful August/WEDDING

So August hits and that means we have to pack everything and come back to Utah. It was bittersweet. I was very sad to leave Cali but excited for what was coming. We got back to Utah around the 10th or so and right away started getting wedding stuff going!!!
The weekend before the wedding we spent time with Jay and Mo. (Clay's AWESOME dad and his AMAZING wife) While we were there Mo was SO sweet and helped pick out flowers for the wedding (which they paid for!!) And they helped me pick a cake and find the cake baker. (they also paid for the cake!!!) I LOVE the way it turned out! So pretty!! (pics will be posted when I get them)
On the Monday before the wedding Clay's grandma Sharon drove into town with my dress!! She had it made in China and by the time it was done it had 3 skirts... She gave them the fabric and they SWAPPED IT!! They made the dress with cheaper fabric! She knew right away cuz she is awesome like that and made them redo it. When she went back the skirt was shorter than before and she had to take it as it was. When she got to town I tried it on and it was to big!!! I had lost 4 inches!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!! So she had to take it in and Clay and I had to go pick up some fabric so she could redo the skirt to make it long enough. She then spent countless hours beading the dress!!! She did an AMAZING job!!! I could not have asked for a more BEAUTIFUL dress!!

On the 18th my mom and dad got into town! I was so excited I was almost in tears lol! That night mom and I ran some wedding errands and picked up a few last things. We went to walmart and she bought me a cute outfit for the bridal shower :oD I LOVE that shirt btw mom!!
The next day my WONDERFUL and AMAZING friend Lizzie drove up from St George and was the BEST M.O.H. (Maid Of Honor) any girl could ask for!!! She met us (My mom, Aly, Cassie, Carole, Grandma Sharon, Eileen, and I) at a nail salon. Carole paid for several of us to get pedicures!!!! It was HEAVEN!!! After that Lizzie and I went back to Carole's house and Lizzie jumped right in the planning!!! She planned my bridal shower and the bachelorete party (sry I have not idea how to spell that lol) We hung out at the house for a while, Lizzie tried on her dress and they had to do some adjustments because the top didn't fit right. While the dress was being fixed Lizzie started doing my hair and I was doing some last min things on my laptop since all my music was on there I needed to make sure the play lists were the way I wanted. While I was doing that it freaked out then shut down. My computer had crashed!!! I was pretty stressed but I knew that Clay had a lot of the music on his computer but I didn't have time to redo it all. So I had to just worry about it later....
The Bridal shower was beautiful! It was in Carole's beautiful back yard. The sun came out just in time (it had been raining cats and dogs all morning) Between all of the wonderful women the bridal shower was fabulous. It was so great getting to see all those wonderful women! I felt SO loved!!! The next day Lizzie paid for me to get eye lash extensions (again AMAZING MOH!) After that we met up with Drew and Aly in bountiful and they took my bridals! They turned out beautiful! The only problem was it was so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open lol Drew would have to count to 3 then I'd open my eyes for the shot and close them again lol
After bridals Lizzie and I headed back down to UT county. We met up with Carole at Costco and picked up the last min food items. Then went back to Carole's. I was exhaused and had so much to do that Lizzie left and went to pick up all the flowers. (AGAIN AMAZING MOH!) After that Lizzie, Cassie, Aly and I left for the Bachelorette party. We went to Classic Skating! It was so fun!! We got to rollerblade/skate for a few hours. While I was doing that Clay was having fun at his bachelor party. They went paintballing, to braxtons football game, flowriding and then out to eat at Denny's. After my party Lizzie and I drove up to Park City to the AMAZING house where the wedding would take place. Thanks to Rick and Holly Alden I was blessed to have the wedding in the most beautiful place!!!
Lizzie and I spent the night up there and the next morning I got up, showered and relaxed while everyone else ran around like chickens with their heads cut off lol I didn't see how ANYTHING was decorated or set up till I walked down the isle. While everyone was doing all of that, like I said, I relaxed in my AMAZING room and got onto Clay's computer and remade the play lists. I spent several hours laying on the floor listening to music :) At around 12 we started getting ready. Lizzie did my hair and my make up!! She did such a wonderful job!!
The wedding was beautiful, the weather was perfect!! It was sunny and warm. My brother Joe read a poem and Clay's step sister and her husband sang a beautiful song. It was so wonderful looking into Clay's eyes as we said our I DO's. I felt (feel) like the luckiest woman in the world! After the ceremony we visited with everyone and I saw several ppl who I had not seen in many years. We cut the cake then had our first dance as husband and wife. Then Clay and his mother danced then it was my turn to dance with my dad but sadly, his feet were hurting him so I got to dance with Jay :o)
After the dances we started with all the pics. After that we changed and headed off to dinner with some of my family who couldn't make it to the wedding. THEN off to the AMAZING hotel......

Thank you to everyone who helped make my wedding the most wonderful day of my life (ok second most since Roran will hold the #1 spot forever) :o) I love you all!!!
Pics will be posted when I get them from Drew :o)

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