The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yes I know I have been neglecting my blog.....

OK So I know it has been MONTHS but we finally have the net at home AND my computer is UP AND RUNNING!
SO Since June we have left California, gotten married, had 2 dogs, gotten rid of 2 dogs, gone on a month long honeymoon and moved into a WONDERFUL apartment in American Fork! SO, with that said, I will try to break it down... :o)
Some of these months and events will be really long so they will get there own post lol

Crazy stressful July
Clay's Honda bites the dust so on the 4th of July Clay flies back to UT to drive my car back. My car needed a little bit of work done so we took it to a shop that was 2 miles from out apartment. I got a call saying it was done and that they were closing in 40 min... I had NO car to drive so I had to run/walk there with Roran. About half way there my phone JUMPS out of the stroller and the screen shatters! LAME! We manage to get there in time and I got the car. YIPPY I HAVE MY CAR BACK or so I thought... I got less than a mile down the road and it dies at an intersection. Needless to say I was NOT happy. When we took the car in it was running.... SO I'm not stuck on the side of the road at 5:15 pm on a FRIDAY. A few guys helped push the car out of the road since I couldn't do it by my self. They then go off on there way. Sitting there with Roran I call Clay crying. Several other cars pull over worried because they saw a woman on the side of the road with a baby. A few nice ppl pushed the car into a parking lot for me. Clay calls back and said he contacted Dan and said he would come pick us up. I said it was ok that we could just walk home (I was only a mile away and on the same street) The next morning we contact the shop and they have a tow truck pick up the car.... The tow company said I had to be there to give them the keys and sign something.... SO I have to walk all the way back the next morning (SIDE NOTE- I ended up loosing nearly 10 lbs this summer from all the car problems lol)
By the end of all the car issues we had taken the car in 4 times (1 of those times was to a new shop here in AF)
That was the craziness that was JULY.... Here are a few pics

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