The Larkin 3

The Larkin 3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am the WORST at remembering to blog lol

Ok So it has been 7 months since I posted last.... I know... Bad..... So lets try to go from there....
I can't remember much about Jan LOL!!!!
We got an email telling us that we had to move out of our apartment because the lady who owned it had lost her job in Cali and wanted to move back to UT. We then started looking for a place to go, a job for Clay, and packing.... Clay was still working hard on taking down Christmas lights so he was extremely busy but he managed to find a job working at Texas Roadhouse in the kitchen!!
Clay heard from a great company that he had worked for in the past called MARKETSTAR.
They offered him a great position in their OGDEN office. We then started looking for apartments to rent in the Ogden area so he would be close to work. We found a great place in Clearfield that has a pool, hot tub, kiddie pool and a great playground. We really like it here and Roran LOVES the pools and playground!!!
We also were lucky to get to see Jay and Mo Larkin!!! They came back from China for Clay's brother Pete's wedding it was WONDERFUL seeing them again!
Life in Clearfield is great! We really like it here and we have some great friends in the area who also have children.
MAY *yeah I know I am kind of zooming through the months lol*
I can't remember anything really worth writing about for May... Sry
Ah the lovely expensive month of June.....
SO When I went to renew my license before my birthday I found out that there had been a ticket in the state of WA that I had forgotten about..... WA put my UT DL on hold saying that I could not renew it until I paid the ticket.... $500 and about 2 weeks later I finally had my license back!!! A few weeks later, the Honda's breaks decided they wanted to go... LOL! SO I did some pricing and I found an AWESOME mechanic who only charged us 360 for parts and labor (everything had to be replaced) We had shops wanting to charge us around $490!!!! So THANK YOU JHB AUTO REPAIR!!!! Shortly after that, Clay's van got a FLAT tire. All of his tires need to be replaced and from what I remember I think Clay said it would be around $600.... JOY OF JOYS! We sill have yet to replace them so Clay has been driving my car to work so I am having to walk everywhere. (getting some great exercise)
RORAN *PART OF THIS WAS SENT TO JAY ON JULY 11th so it is a little out dated*
SO as many of you know, we have had some very unpleasant health problems for my lil monster. *VERY SAD FACE* ...
4 weeks ago he had a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD diaper rash. We did everything we could think of but it was not getting any better so I found a Dr up here and took him in. She said he had a fungal infection and gave us a bunch of creams to use. I took him back few days later because there was no change and I had seen some weird thing on his lip. When she looked in his mouth she said very loudly, "WOW THAT IS THRUSH" so, we then started treating him for the thrush, fungal infection, and diaper rash..... Since then, we have done EVERYTHING they told us and he is still having that problem. We have come to think that it must be some kind of food allergy as it ONLY happens when he poops. If he pees he is fine. If he poops his bum gets bright red, he gets blisters, and his skin opens and bleeds. It is like he is pooping acid. I took him in AGAIN because it was REALLY bad and the Dr said she wanted to test his blood to see if he indeed has a food allergy. (She doesn't know what else to try) So When the girls came in to get some blood, it was one of the worst things I have EVER had to do as a mother so far. I had to hold him down as he cried and screamed. They tried TWICE and couldn't get ANY blood. He was so upset his veins were sinking down in his arm and they couldn't get anything. So they cause all that pain for nothing..... We ended up seeing a dermatologist, and an allergist. NO ONE could figure out what was going on. Finally after a MONTH of this, he started getting cleared up. *we had changed his diet several times but nothing changed* We went to stay at the awesome in-laws and on Sat his bum started getting a little red.... The only thing that was different is that he had, had some of Carole's health tea..... We all figured it out at the same time... THE TEA IS WHAT WAS WRONG! He unfortunately is allergic to that tea.... THANK GOODNESS WE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! I am SO grateful that we found the problem. He is doing SO much better!!!!
So far Roran is looking and doing much better! Every so often his bum will get a little red but it is fine within a few hours! THANK GOODNESS!
Clay has been playing soccer every Friday for a few months and had 2 weeks off. He then had a double header and in one of the games he got pretty banged up. His knee was VERY swollen. It was so bad he couldn't really walk for about a week! It is getting better but I had him go to a Dr today (sadly he dr was very unhelpful)He is going to have to see a specialist.
As for me, I have been having some really bad neck and back problems. So bad that this last weekend I was in bed almost the whole time. My neck is pretty messed up today and I in a lot of pain. I am trying to reach a chiropractor to see if he can fix me :)
I also went to see a Dr last week for a check up and she did some blood work because she thinks I am having some thyroid problems because I can't seem to loose any weight *I weigh more now than I did when I was prego* and I am ALWAYS hungry. If I eat I feel great but about 20 min later I am starving again and feel like I am going to vomit... still waiting to hear back from the Dr.....

Other than that... We are all doing well and are VERY VERY happy!!! Clay and I are pretty excited because in a few days, we will be celebrating our 1st Anniv!!!

LOVE YOU ALL! And I WILL TRY to do better!!! :) XOXOXOXO

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  1. Sounds like a great new home in Clearfield. Congratulations!! I'm glad Roran is doing better, and hope that your health issues can be cleared up soon as well. Love you!